Resolve (Beta)

In the world of financial data, there are over 50 different unique legal entity identifiers. Many have been created by proprietary data vendors such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters or S&P CapitalIQ, but many more are publicly available from regulators, exchanges, government bodies or local operating units (LOUs). The challenge is how to match and map them all together for reporting purposes, risk exposure calculations or to eliminate data silos (see: The Challenges of Data Management). Resolve provides a quick and easy (and free) way to see multiple identifiers for the same entity in one clean, simple file.

During this beta period, Alacra is pleased provide access to this matching capability for up to 10 entities across all public identifiers.

If you are interested in matching larger datasets and/or cross-referencing to proprietary datasets, please contact us at

Three easy steps

1. Upload your file

  • Please provide your entities in a Microsoft Excel file.
  • Please provide an entity name and a country of operations in two separate fields. (Download a file template here, to ensure your data is in the correct format.)
  • We will normalize the data to take account of foreign character accents as well as country names and country codes.
  • We will only match up to 10 entities, any additional entries will be ignored.

Drop or browse your file here to upload

2. Our proprietary software resolves your data

Just sit back and relax while our software algorithm and business rules works its magic.

3. You receive clean, mapped, and de-duped entities

We will display your results on a web-page.

For each match we will provide a link to allow you to view:

  • All the publicly available identifiers associated with that entity
  • Identification as to whether the entity is covered by one of the major data vendors
  • Information as to whether the entity is rated, regulated or listed

Where there are multiple potential matches, we will provide a list of those potential matches.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at with any additional questions or feedback about Resolve, including if you are interested in matching larger datasets and/or cross-referencing to proprietary datasets.