Legal Entity Directory

The Alacra Legal Entity Directory (LED) is the complete cross-mapping and de-duping of multiple major data vendors.

You need to be licensed with the appropriate data vendor to receive any proprietary information. While you need to obtain and maintain the license, Alacra will work with you and the data vendor to verify that a current license is in place.


Alacra’s LED currently has almost 5 million unique legal entities updated on a daily basis. These comprise entities from the following data vendors:

  • Bloomberg
  • Thomson Reuters (Datascope)
  • Markit
  • Standard & Poor’s
  • Moody’s
  • Fitch Ratings
  • SIX Telekurs
  • Teledata

Benefits and Uses

The LED covers a very large universe of legal entities. This is a clean, de-duped and cross-referenced data source to help your data group clean up and leverage your existing data sources.

Where you prefer not to, or in jurisdictions where you cannot, share your specific universe with any third-party, the Alacra LED allows you to access clean, de-duped and cross-referenced data without any of your data leaving the organization.

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