Alacra Authority File

The Alacra Authority File (AAF) is the most comprehensive source of legal entity reference data for your most common customers and counterparties. The AAF is a set of global legal entities, each of which meets one or more of these three criteria:

  • The entity has a security listed on a global exchange, or
  • The entity is rated by either Moody’s, S&P, Fitch or A.M. Best, or
  • The entity is a regulated bank or financial institution in the G-20 or European Union

Attribute Coverage

The Alacra Authority File contains the following information, all of which are available without any additional third-party licenses.

  • Legal Name, Address, Country of Registration, Phone Number, URL
  • Industry classifications including SIC, NAICS and Alacra proprietary categories
  • Entity type
  • Ultimate parent
  • Whether the entity has any listed securities, and the name of each exchange and ticker
  • Whether the entity is rated by one of the major rating agencies, and the name of the agency
  • Whether the entity is regulated by a G-20 and European Union regulator and the name of that regulator


Currently there are about 215,000 listed, rated and regulated entities in the AAF file.

Benefits and Uses

The AAF tracks the global universe of listed, rated and regulated entities. These entities can be considered to be “lower risk” for compliance and KYC purposes as a globally respected authority is supervising them in an oversight capacity. In the Compliance arena, the AAF can be used at the beginning of the on-boarding process to determine the regulatory and listing status of entities to be on-boarded. The AAF is often used for transaction reporting or Basel reporting because the regulator identifiers and rating agency issuer identifiers have all been aligned and mapped to each entity. Learn more by reading our Case Studies.

Update Process

Alacra acquires entity-specific information from many global sources. We subscribe to exchange feeds, ratings agency feeds, and regulatory feeds. We also monitor and access data from many websites.