Alacra Reference Data Services

Alacra cross-references and maps multiple data sources together to create one clean, de-duped and consistently formatted file. We help maximize the value of the data you already purchase and can deliver it directly to the data management platform or internal database of your choice.

We don’t just provide you with our “confidence” in a match, we review the various “match grades” or “confidence levels” and decide if they are a match or not. Not doing so leaves the problem in your lap, with hundreds of thousands of possible matches to review without the experience or expertise to make the decisions, or streamline the process.

We have a unique position in the financial data arena. We work with, and are trusted by, hundreds of different data providers. With over 15 years of experience cross-referencing and mapping different data sources, we are truly the “Rosetta Stone” of entity data identifiers.

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Alacra Authority File (AAF) and Alacra Authority File Plus (AAF+)

A daily file of all the rated, regulated and listed entities globally, as well as all entities with other important industry identifiers (e.g. LEI, GIINs).

Legal Entity Directory

A daily file containing the complete cross-mapping and de-duping of multiple major data vendors such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, SIX Telekurs, Teledata, Markit and the rating agencies.


Concordance is a service where Alacra will de-dupe and cross-reference your customized universe of legal entities. You provide us a file of your universe—which may come from one or more internal data silos. We then match these entities across all the third-party vendor databases to which you are licensed.