Different Channels for Different Needs

File Delivery

Clients receive the Alacra Authority File via FTP/SFTP on a daily or intra-day basis.

Our Concordance clients can post a daily request file containing entities to be added and receive a daily update file (custom entity universe) from Alacra.  This file exchange is via FTP/SFTP.

Alacra supports batch file delivery on client specified frequencies ranging from intra-day through monthly.  Most clients elect to receive updates on a daily basis.  Alacra can deliver batch files via PGP-encrypted FTP or SFTP.

Web Access

Alacra can provide access to Resolve, a web lookup tool for accessing the content in the Alacra Authority File.

Alacra company reports are also available via our web-based compliance solution, Alacra Compliance Enterprise (ACE).


Alacra provides access to API functionality through two mechanisms – Web Services and FTP – which are language agnostic.  Full written documentation on the APIs is available as well as developer-level training.