Corporate Events Monitor

Each day there might be multiple changes in your data feeds. Some may be critical changes but others might be just be minor tweaks to your data – fixing a typo, reformatting an address, expanding an abbreviation, normalizing a legal form. These will all generate alerts you will need to review.

How do you quickly and reliably separate the actionable information from the noise?

Alacra’s Corporate Events Monitor, powered by software and analysts, tracks the changes to all the rated, regulated and listed entities in the Alacra Authority File and provides a summary of the “real” changes. You can quickly and easily see when a regulator has initiated regulation, when a ticker has changed, when a security has been delisted and when a company has actually moved (rather than just having its address reformatted in a vendor feed).

The table below summarizes the events that occurred in the last 7 days.

Corporate Events Summary

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The table below provides the detail behind the events that occurred in the last 7 days (up to the 1,000 most recent events).

Corporate Events Details

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