Cleaning up a CRM

For a CRM, client portal, or any form of research and analysis you need to be able to access all the information on a client or prospect. Sales teams need to know all the products that clients use before calling on them. Bad data can mean missed cross-selling opportunities, bad contact information or just general confusion and frustration.

Alacra Engagements

Big-4 Accounting firm builds dashboard with a single view of clients


Big-4 Accounting firm builds dashboard with a single view of clients


At a Big-4 Accounting firm, the partners required a client dashboard providing a single view of each client. The client data was housed in multiple internal silos without any common identifier across the disparate databases. In addition, the client licensed content from multiple external sources, but had not yet been able to consume these sources and match them to internal client data.


Through our concordance service we were able to bring in entity identifiers and attributes from the multiple internal databases and provided the client back with a superset of entities with each of the relevant internal ids. Once the internal databases were aligned, Alacra was able to provide external identifiers for the superset universe.


Alacra was able to eliminate the client’s need to receive multiple content feeds. Alacra added the content attributes from a variety of sources allowing the firm to consume a single file covering over 40,000 clients.