Today we updated the Periodic Table of Entity and Security Identifiers to help our friends in compliance and in the reference data worlds keep track of the many identifiers around the world. It’s been an entire year since our first pass at organizing this detail, so there are several changes. With the advent of pre-LOUs (Local Operating Units) and pre-LEIs like CICI and the GEI, the entity identifier world is much closer to the GLEIS.

We recently wrote more about the alphabet soup surrounding the LEI, of course, some of those acronyms weren’t actual identifiers, so they didn’t make it to the Periodic Table itself.


GEI – General Entity Identifier- Added now that WM Datenservice is the pre-LOU in Germany. The GEI meets ISO 17742.

Updated Entity Identifier Elements

ICB – Industry Classification Benchmark – the definition link was updated.

ISIN – International Securities Identification Number – updated the website of ANNA to better reflect the definition, instead of the services provided.

LEI – Legal Entity Identifier – the definition was updated to better reflect the current state of the GLEIS with respect to the LOUs such as DTCC, CFTC, and SWIFT.

Take a look and let us know if this is helpful!

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