Two new products in the extremely crowded “People Data” space were recently announced.  LexisNexis launched ExecRelate and Leadership Directories launched Leadership Networks.  Barbara Quint of Information Today had a good write-up of the two products yesterday. Virtual tours are available for both.  The key differentiator for LexisNexis is their ability to provide news on people.

      Executive and board member information is often outdated or unavailable on the Web, so we have invested the time to capture this proprietary content, keep it updated, and visually cross-link it for users to see connections, said Roderick Morris, vice president of Business Information Solutions for LexisNexis U.S. Corporate Markets. Our analysts are updating and verifying thousands of pieces of data each day and scanning news sources for personnel changes. Our breadth of coverage and features like our side-by-side comparison make this a truly unique and compelling tool for those developing and analyzing relationships with board members and senior executives. And with personnel change      alerting capabilities, ExecRelate offers a comprehensive solution.

Leadership Networks offers some interesting visualization tools.  It seems both products have been designed for users who spend a great deal of time researching and analyzing relationships as they are “full-featured and appear to require at least some training before a user could extract all the built in value.