I don’t know Mark Pincus, but I know a few people who know Mark and they all speak highly of him.  I read his blog occasionally and generally have a favorable opinion of him.  Earlier this week Mark was in the middle of a blog firestorm over a post he wrote about a Harvard Business School classmate who did something unethical 15 years ago.  There was an article in the Washington Post, lots of comments on his blog and, well, all sorts reputational damage and grief that Mark would probably have preferred to avoid.    From his most recent blog post: "first, i can see how mr o’hara’s read was right that i did get personal
with murry. that was totally unnecessary and i’m sorry for it. i also
want to point out that i wrote that on a blackberry on a plane with no
intent of it growing into a jihad shitstorm for murry or myself."  So there are three bits of learning: At this point if you’re caught doing something unethical, it is likely never to go away.  And if you’re overly harsh in an airborne blackberry post, it’s likely to come back to bite you. And finally, as the Washington Post’s headline warns, "Don’t Try to Censor A Blogger."