Inside-the-LEI_eiffel99.88% of the entities that have been assigned by INSEE are French.

Inside-the-LEI_hall_of_fameThe GMEI has assigned pre-LEIs to 9 Yeshivas, more than 50 country clubs and over 20 museums, including the Cincinnati Baseball Museum and the National Football Museum in Canton Ohio.

Inside-the-LEI_CTCThe Corporation Trust Company, Wilmington Delaware is the registered address of over 9000 GMEI pre-LEI entities.

Inside-the-LEI_badenIn the GEI data, Baden-Württemberg is spelled 20 different ways.

Inside-the-LEI_bear-stearnsThere are 13 former Bear Stearns entities that have been issued LEIs.

Inside-the-LEI_wind-farmOver 60 wind farms have been assigned an LEI.