A few weeks ago Alacra published Inside the LEI, which focused on the entities that had received pre-LEIs from the four largest pre-LOUs: the DTCC’s GMEI utility in the United States, the London Stock Exchange in the UK, WM Datenservice in Germany and INSEE in France. This update includes information from two additional pre-LOUs: the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Irish Stock Exchange. Future issues will cover additional pre-LOUs.

Alacra has been integrating the pre-LEI files from the endorsed pre-LOUs as the data has been published. In response to customer demand we have been adding these entities to the Alacra Authority File, our reference  database that previously contained only rated, regulated and listed companies globally. Although there are many use cases for the Alacra Authority File, the most common are to facilitate entity identifier mapping and to identify low-risk clients and counterparties.

We continue to be surprised by the types of entities that are receiving pre-LEIs as well as the types of entities that are not. About 25% of pre-LEI entities are funds, trusts or SPVs. Many listed and regulated financial institutions have not registered yet. Very few rated entities have LEIs. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce has  assigned pre-LEIs to many plant nurseries and dairy farms, which of course may be parties to financial transactions, but are unlikely to be contributors to systemic financial risk.

The data presented in this publication is as of March 18, 2014. Throughout the piece we have dropped the “pre” from pre-LEI and pre-LOU and refer to them as LEIs and LOUs.


InsideLEI-pII-01-LRR-LEI_venn-diagramListed, Regulated, Rated universe=216,709

Total LEI universe=212,1555

Overlap between two universes=17,772