Monitor M&A Blogs and News with DealMeme – for free!

DealMeme is a new, free service from Alacra to help you monitor merger and acquisitions around the world.

DealMeme uses the AlacraPulse Curation Engine, which sifts through 3,000 respected traditional media and influential blog sources, which are continuously vetted to maintain top standards. Just because something is “news” doesn’t mean it is valuable information—and DealMeme knows the difference.

So how do you use DealMeme? Use it just like you would any news aggregator site: visit each morning (or keep it open all day) to see the latest deal rumors and progressions.

DealMeme is a simple interface and a single page. There are no secret tabs or searching. You visit and take a look at the stories which interest you. Each link takes you directly to the article on the original website. The only filtering we do is behind the scenes to choose the most relevant, authoritative, and timely articles for that deal.


Viewing DealMeme is completely free of charge. You will sometimes notice links after each main article such as “More on Campbell Soup Company.” These links take you to the AlacraStore where you can find further high quality research on the companies involved in the deal. There is no obligation to do so and we don’t make any money unless you purchase a report.

Take a look at our latest creation and let us know what you think!