InfocreditTheo InfoCredit Group is one of our newest content partners providing strategic coverage of the Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean regions.  Theodoros Kringou, Manger Director of InfoCredit Goup recently gave us a rundown of their business, content and staff and explains why their data is so “fresh”.

1. Tell us about Infocredit Group.

Infocredit Group is a business information provider with over 40 years of experience in the credit information industry. We specialize in the regions of the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean and possess a local presence with experienced researchers located in over 15 countries. Alongside this presence, we have an established global network of information partners, which allow us to service almost every country worldwide, with reliable products and services on both companies and individuals. Infocredit Group is passionate about providing innovative business information products that constantly push the boundaries of the information industry.

2. What are some typical uses for Infocredit Group content?

The content of our products has two primary functions:
1. It can be used when taking precautions – if users are looking to co-operate with multiple businesses, or if they are reviewing a new investment opportunity and need to measure the credit risk involved with such an investment.
2. It can be used in dealing with existing business partnerships – if users require information concerning an individual or company who they already conduct business transactions or have developed co-operations with.

All users can utilize our information products when measuring risks for existing or potential business transactions.

3. What makes your content unique?

The content of our products is sourced through multiple, fresh investigations, providing the most current and reliable data. Our local presence in the countries in which we specialize allows us an extensive understanding of local laws, languages, customs, culture, economy and commercial parameters, which in turn allow us to enrich our reports with accurate and contextual information.

4. How would you describe your coverage?

Our local presence extends to the following countries: United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam), Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Romania, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and Greece.

However, our coverage extends worldwide with a strategic network of information partners for countries which we do not have our own local presence, allowing us to service almost every country across the globe. Our coverage means we are able to provide reliable and resourceful information products, at competitive prices, worldwide.

5. How has your business changed in recent years? What changes do you expect in the coming years?

Infocredit Group is an organization constantly developing, in terms of capabilities, market coverage and professional capacity. We believe it is important to regularly review our services and products in order to source innovative ways to better serve the information industry.

Our operations began 40 years ago, specializing in the Middle East region, and now we have established a worldwide network with extensive information capabilities across the globe. Beginning our operations with less than 10 individuals, we have grown to a team of over 100 industry professionals who all possess the knowledge, skills and experience to further develop Infocredit Group and change the future of the business information markets. In terms of future developments, we are continually aware of changes within the business industry, and our long term strategy allows us to develop our services to suit industry requirements.

6. Tell me about your editorial staff. What types of backgrounds do they have?

Our team is made up of educated and experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds including Business, Economics, Mathematics and Marketing. Possessing an understanding of numerous industries and a variety of skills means we have an advantage when it comes to producing full and functional information reports.


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