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Jason Baker, Chief Executive Officer of IBISWorld, took a few moments recently to fill us in on this long time content partner.

1. Tell us about IBISWorld.
IBISWorld is an online resource offering more than 700 U.S. industry research reports that cover 4,000 individual product segments. Alongside our U.S. industry research, we write global industry reports and industry risk rating reports, and we also cover industries in key markets like Australia, the United Kingdom and China. IBISWorld has been an established player in the Information industry for over 40 years and a long-time partner with Alacra.

2. What are some typical uses for IBISWorld content?
Major users of our industry research reports deal with a broad range of industries and require a fast and thorough understanding of unfamiliar industries; these businesses come from the corporate, financial and business services sectors. IBISWorld has had a long association with supplying information to financial institutions, consulting firms, information brokers, M&A advisors, banking and finance managers and valuation and accounting firms. The reports help users make better business decisions on strategies and revenue generation by gaining an instant understanding of industry dynamics. People also use our reports to learn about their own clients,’ or prospective clients’ business, and how changes to those industries can affect their organization.

3. What makes your content unique?
IBISWorld’s content is unique because each report contains true industry analysis, not just aggregated company financial data; it is researched at a granular level of detail. The reports drill down into every industry for data and analysis that can help shape corporate decisions. Reports are also updated frequently; the majority of our reports are updated three or more times a year. Our update schedule ensures that businesses can make decisions based on information that is current and insightful.

4. What do customers like best about IBISWorld?
Our customers most appreciate the breadth of information provided and the user-friendliness of our reports’ design. We cover every industry with five-year revenue and profitability forecasts, which our customers love. The report format and methodology is consistent across the entire collection, helping researchers and managers compare apples with apples and do it quickly.

5. Tell me about your editorial staff. What types of backgrounds do they have?
IBISWorld has a unique employee culture that remains vital to our success. Our team of analysts is highly knowledgeable, and they are experts in their respective fields, whether that is healthcare, sports and leisure, education or finance and banking. Analysts have a variety of backgrounds, but they all have bachelor or masters degrees in economics, finance or business, and expertise and previous experience in the sectors they cover. IBISWorld currently employs more than 50 analysts around the world, and we also employ a team of editorial staff and designers to ensure accuracy and readability of each report.

6. The economic environment can be rough for publishers, but it also provides opportunities. How is the economy impacting your market today?
The economic environment has brought with it many challenges for information providers. In today’s environment, we see time-poor executives and information brokers trying to deal with intense workloads and lean budgets. Getting accurate and up-to-date information is critical for keeping a company’s operations running smoothly, providing us with opportunities in these markets. Executives who are given a budget know that a high value of information comes at a cost. IBISWorld actually grew during the downturn as our customers used our information for different reasons; rather than finding opportunities, they used our reports to also identify risks in their own portfolios and client base.

7. How has your business changed in recent years? What changes do you expect in the coming years?
Our international collection is growing by the month. Recently, we have expanded our report collection to include coverage in China and the United Kingdom, where we now cover hundreds of industries. While global growth has been steady, we see the UK and China markets as a critical piece to the puzzle. We are constantly adding new and emerging industries to our collection in all countries, and we expect to continue to grow to keep pace with the way people do business.


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