The Taxonomy of Cartoons

I spoke at the InfoCommerce Conference in Philadelphia yesterday about the content aggregation business model. I plan to have a couple of posts about this soon. Much more interesting than my talk, though, was an article in yesterday’s Science Times – Toonology: Scientists Try To Find Out What’s So Funny About Humor. Coincidentally, […]

I Went To Go!

Go! is Outsell’s own annual conference which was held Monday and Tuesday in Lansdowne, Virginia. Overall it was well run and well-attended with a good mix of content buyers and sellers. Practically no one from the financial space attended, which was disappointing. While I’m sure many of the attendees got value from the presentations on […]

Any Ideas? Data Aggregation: The Next Generation

In a couple of weeks I’ll be attending InfoCommerce 2004 in Philadelphia and I’m on a panel with Patrick Spain of HighBeam Research and Meg Shea-Chiles of Thomson Financial. The session is about the changing nature of content aggregation and the implications for content owners. The InfoCommerce people did an excellent job of […]

More Data, Please

The “do no evil” folks at Google apparently haven’t given much thought to the virtues of proper corporate governance. Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) blasts the company saying it has the worst corporate governance practices of all the companies in the S&P 500. Seth Goldstein of Majestic Research also takes the company […]

Blogs for Entrepreneurs

A good friend of mine recently left his job to start his own business with another friend. They’ve been working on their idea “on-the-side” for a while and recently made the jump. My guess is that not many readers of AlacraBlog are planning to start their own business anytime soon. But, if there are any […]

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More On Google vs. Factiva

Factiva’s top executive has dismissed suggestions that the company’s paid search services are under threat from high-profile free rivals such as Google. CNET News, July 2.

“Google has actually complemented Factiva,” CEO Clare Hart told ZDNet Australia, adding that while it was useful for generic information, news access required a more sophisticated approach. […]

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$31 Billion in Wasted Time!

A recent survey by FIND/SVP reveals that business executives are frustrated with consumer search engines and “an astonishing 74% are not confident that their results are reliable.” So FIND/SVP has partnered with Empire Media and TripleHop Technologies to create a better business search engine that contains premium information as well. Rafat Ali at […]

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More on Google

Outsell hosted an excellent drinks/dinner at The Plaza Wednesday night. The guest speaker was Tim Armstrong, Vice President of Advertising for Google. Despite being in the “quiet period” Tim was able to answer a number of questions about Google, albeit at a very surface level. Most of the Q & A dealt with whether or […]

Google vs. Factiva vs. LexisNexis vs. Dialog NewsRoom?

An article in last week’s Inside Market Data (subscription required) entitled Could Google Be the Next Data Vendor? explores whether or not Google provides answers that are good enough to threaten the traditional news aggregators’ market positions. The article focuses on ways in which Factiva is making its content more available […]

Twilight of the Information Middlemen

At home yesterday morning, my wife looked over my shoulder as I was reading James Fallows’ Sunday NY Times article The Twilight of the Information Middlemen. “That doesn’t sound good,” she said. But headlines can be deceiving and even The New York Times publishes idiotic articles, even by well-known writers. (This seems to […]