RSS Is New Media for Business

In the past ten years, the established consumer delivery channels for news, information and entertainment have been attacked by new technologies.  Newspapers are dying due to online delivery of news and, more importantly, online classified ads.  Broadcast TV viewers have moved to cable networks, pay-per-view movies and digital video recorders.  Consumers increasingly […]

Package Flexibly or Perish

The Grokster decision was a rare victory for traditional media.  But the protection gained by the movie and music industries will be short-lived as the way we are entertained and informed transforms from how it was just a few years ago.  The shift is everywhere and is picking up speed.  […]

Tickers Should Be Tags

The problem (I suppose there’s more than one) with doing a Technorati blog search for business or company related information is the signal-to-noise ratio.  There’s just too much junk to sift through in the hope of finding a gem.  Much worse than a web search.   Doing a tag search rather […]

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One Small Step

Yahoo! Search Subscriptions was announced today, a small step forward on the path towards integrating web search results with results from the “deep” or “invisible” web.  John Blossom and John Battelle provide some analysis.  Battelle recommends that Yahoo! “act as a central clearinghouse for transactions and […]

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But I Really Like The Spaghetti Chart

Outsell defended my critique of their Outsell 100 numbers by saying that despite the fact they’re comparing apples, oranges, pears and grapes, it’s all fruit.  And maybe when you dig much deeper into the numbers you can argue it’s all fruit.  (I wouldn’t.)  But from 30,000 feet, even a profitable $50 million trade […]

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MSN Search – Quick First Impressions

I tried the beta version of MSN search a few times today.  Half of the time the service was unavailable.  The other times I found the results of business-oriented queries to be better and different than Google.  Our off-the-shelf business test searches are:

  • cable modem market share
  • France GDP
  • iPod units sold

Historically, the […]

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The Top of the Blog Market Approaches

Chiming in on the discussion over at Fred Wilson’s place about whether or not anyone reads blogs. I agree with Fred. Clearly, there are many, many blogs and some of the more popular blogs are hit quite often. Fred points to Wonkette’s huge number of hits. But there are […]

Changing User Behavior

To change user behavior is a very difficult thing. To change someone’s behavior, a product or service must offer incredible value in terms of cost savings, convenience, something.

PC user behavior is about to change. Although Google Desktop Search is not perfect, I believe it will significantly change how many people use their PCs. […]

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Content Adds Value to Technology

I’ve always thought of the technology-content relationship in terms of technology adding value to content. The technology value-add could be distribution (printing press, internet) or storage (hard drive, CD, DVD) or indexing (Google). I’ve been on a number of sales calls since Labor Day where the customer has bought or developed some nifty technology but, […]

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The Blogosphere

Remember the elevator scene towards the end of the movie Working Girl? Melanie Griffith quickly describes how she comes up with the idea for Trask Radio by putting together seemingly unrelated bits of information from different sources, including Page Six of the New York Post. Which is just what happens in the blogosphere […]

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