Credit Crunch Dominates Q2 Research Zeitgeist

Researchrecap Despite the change in the seasons, the credit crunch and housing crisis remain top of mind to readers of Research Recap.
Research Recap has just released its

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You Are What You Publish #4

I’ve posted several times in the past (here, here, here) on the importance of carefully considering what you publish on the web.  I was at a college admissions workshop last weekend that was hosted by the University of Rochester.  One of the speakers explained that at some schools, an admissions officer might […]

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Another Reason to Look at WSJ

Gordon_crovitz Gordon Crovitz has a new column In the Wall Street Journal and on WSJ.com on Mondays called Information Age. The first installment, published Monday, was titled Optimism and the Digital World.

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Widgets for the Content Industry

(posted by Barry Graubart, Vice President, Product Management)

I had the opportunity to moderate a very interesting panel today at the SIIA Brown Bag, “Think Small: Why Widgets are the Next Big Thing for Content Distribution“.  We had three great panelists:

  • Alex Iskold, Founder & CEO, AdaptiveBlue
  • Steve Touhill, Vice President, Business Development, Clearspring
  • Jeff Yolen, […]

Founders at Work

Founders I just finished the wonderful Steve Wozniak interview from the forthcoming Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days by Jessica Livingston.  The Wozniak chapter is available here for […]

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RSS – Adoption and Growth

Yahoo! recently partnered with Ipsos Insight on a white paper called RSS – Crossing into the Mainstream, which revealed that awareness of RSS is “quite low among Internet users.”  Of the 28% of Internet users that consume RSS, most don’t know that RSS is the enabling technology.  Earlier this week, on the

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Highlights From Go!

I got back from Outsell’s Go! Conference late Tuesday night.  As expected, it was well run and very well attended.  While there were many familiar faces in the audience, there was a refreshing number of people who had not been to Go! last year and who hadn’t been to […]

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Google Blog Search Is Here

Technorati has been taking a beating in he blogosphere lately for being slow and incomplete. Many people have been moving to IceRocket for blog search.  But it’s hard to imagine either of these services thriving now that Google Blog Search is out.  Jason thinks it will soon be a tab on […]

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Cashing in With Content

Cashing_in_with_contentFellow Knight-Ridder refugee David Scott has a new book out. Cashing In with Content reveals how content-rich web sites engage browsers and turn them into buyers. David analyzes a wide […]

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It’s All About Search

Not a day goes by without news about web search. Business Week covers the Google and Yahoo! talent grab this week. Search Engine Watch finds that results returned by the major engines are dramatically different than one would expect. The FT covered vertical search in detail a couple […]