A-Team’s Data Management Summit

On Tuesday, at the A-Team’s Data Management Summit, I was on a panel titled Beyond Dodd-Frank: Managing Entity Data with the Global LEI.  My co-panelists were Scott Preiss of CUSIP Global Services, Ron Jordan of DTCC and Mark Alvarez of Interactive Data Corporation.  Sarah Underwood of A-Team Group was the moderator.

Highlights of […]

Eggs, Bacon and Regulation


Chris Skinner, Chairman, Financial Services Club

On Tuesday in London, Alacra and our content partner CounterpartyLink hosted a breakfast meeting called Eggs, Bacon and Regulation.  Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial […]

LEI: Stronger Foundation Needed

It might seem crazy to argue with SIFMA president and CEO Kenneth Bentsen Jr. writing to Treasury Secretary and FSOC Chair Jacob Lew advocating a wider regulatory mandate for Legal Entity Identifiers, but here goes.

Of course a wider regulatory mandate will increase and accelerate adoption.  If regulators worldwide grabbed their sticks and lightning bolts […]

Robust Onboarding is Key to Customer Classification Compliance Under MiFID, FATCA and EMIR

As the push for transparency continues to evolve under MiFID, FATCA and EMIR, robust onboarding practices that comprehensively capture key attributes of each client, owner and counterparty will be needed to meet reporting requirements for customer classification.  These regulatory schemes nudge existing AML/KYC systems into the realm of tracking client sophistication and understanding the […]

Positive Developments on Beneficial Ownership

It is widely accepted that illicit actors continue to create legal entities, masking beneficial ownership information in order to facilitate access to the financial system and conduct financial crimes. A number of developments have recently occurred that may help the United States make progress on requiring the identification of beneficial ownership of businesses […]

Entity Data Management & LEI

On Wednesday, March 22nd, I joined Tim Lind, Pricing & Reference Services, Thomson Reuters and Peter Warms, Head of Product Development for Global Data and Symbology, Bloomberg along with Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group for a spirited discussion on Entity Data Management and the LEI.

Listen to the audio recording below and be sure to visit […]

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LEIs: A Panacea for Market Risk?

A few days ago I sat down with Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of TABB Group, to discuss the state of the LEI.  We shot this short (5 minute) video.


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Two Minute Drill – Alacra Reference Data

Meet Alex Harrison and get a better understanding as to how Alacra can help achieve a single view of customer, meet regulatory reporting requirements and knock down data silos.

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LEI Fun Facts

Inside-the-LEI_eiffel99.88% of the entities that have been assigned by INSEE are French.

Inside-the-LEI_hall_of_fameThe GMEI has assigned pre-LEIs to 9 Yeshivas, more than 50 country clubs and over 20 museums, including the Cincinnati Baseball Museum and the National […]

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IRS Deems Bitcoin Property, Not Currency

Bitcoin will be treated like property, not currency, the IRS declared in a Notice ( issued this week to address the tax implications of mining, spending or receiving virtual currencies.  The need to track fair market value and basis adjustments to compute gains and losses for tax purposes introduces record-keeping realities to a […]

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