Inside the LEI – Issue IX

In this edition of Inside the LEI we assess the penetration of the LEI among important financial market participants, such as regulated entities and subsidiaries of the largest banks. We also look at the continued growth and  distribution of LEI issuance globally, and the latest statistics on lapse rates.

In the last quarter, the LOUs issued a little over […]

Alacra Talks Optimizing KYC at DMS in London

Alan Samuels, Alacra VP of Reference Data Solutions tells A-Team the next wave of best practice will optimize KYC and onboarding across organisations. Read More…

Optimizing KYC at DMSThe data management challenges presented by KYC and onboarding, as well as the opportunities of optimal performance, […]

Inside the LEI – Issue VIII

As we enter 2016, almost 100,000 of the LEI registrations have not been renewed— meaning that close to 24% of the total LEI universe have lapsed…As issuance of LEIs to entities that are active in the financial markets grows (as evidenced by them being rated, regulated and/or listed) we expect the LEI lapse rate to […]

Top 4 Reasons to Have a Consistent Client Onboarding Process

The push to achieve a single customer view (SCV) has challenged onboarding teams to capture more KYC/AML data, and routinely review larger troves of existing data, to meet ever-evolving regulatory requirements. In this quest, four reasons for having a consistent client onboarding process stand out as promoting operational success.

1. Regulators Like Consistency

When the need arises […]

Alacra Reference Data Alert – Inside the LEI – Issue VI

Currently, more than 360,000 entities have been assigned an LEI. Over 25,000 of those have been newly assigned since our last review in March 2015. Alacra’s current analysis indicates that, while the number of registered entities has increased, quality and utility issues within the database have increased as well. At this point, over 70,000 of […]

Inside the GIIN

Like our popular “Inside the LEI” series, Alacra’s latest Reference Data Alert goes “Inside the GIIN” to detail this identifier and the universe it covers.

The GIIN or Global Intermediary Identifier Number is issued by the IRS to foreign financial institutions (FFIs) as part of the […]

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If You Knew Google Like We Know Google or why Google is not (Google), Goog!, Goo* AND/OR a ~Google

In the world of KYC, Google has become a ubiquitous component of client onboarding, CDD, EDD and Vendor Due Diligence best practices. Searches are often written once and then enshrined in procedures. As a supplement to checks against traditional sanctions, public record, PEP, criminal record, litigation and specialized adverse media providers, a Google search can reveal valuable, risk relevant […]

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Interest in LEI is in US

Interest in LEI has plummeted

The Fed Isn’t Really Pushing LEIs…

Last week the Federal Reserve put out a press release announcing a proposal that would seem to mandate the use of LEIs on certain regulatory reporting forms:

The Federal Reserve Board on Monday announced a proposal that would require banking organizations to include their existing Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) on certain regulatory […]