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Alacra Street Pulse featured in new Fidelity Stock Research Center

Alacra Pulse Logo Fidelity Investments today announced the launch of its new […]

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The Alacra Knowledge Base: A rose by any other name….

Rose In our last post, we talked about how we use semantic tagging to sift through vast amounts […]

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Looking for things that matter

Metal detector

When we started market research/customer interviews for our Alacra Pulse product, there was no shortage of complaints about dealing with web-based information.  News is increasingly breaking on the web and the “real-time web” is […]

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Digital promiscuity is due to lack of switching costs

I was sorry to have missed the Web 2.0 Summit this year. Over the weekend I watched a couple of the session videos.  The panel discussion titled Whither Journalism, led by John Battelle with Robert […]

A Curated List of 10 Top Articles on Curation

The word of the week is curation.  I posted about curation as it related to Alacra Pulse, but curation is all over the web.  Here are some of the best recent articles and posts by opinion leaders on the web:

'Curation,' and journalists as curators, by Mindy McAdams, Teaching Online Journalism, […]

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A couple of weeks ago in the Sunday New York Times there was an article in the Style section titled On the Tip of Creative Tongues, with the above artwork attached.  The theme of […]

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The Pulse Launch – In a Bad Market, You Have to Solve Several Problems

Several people contacted me with questions about Alacra Pulse after my Freemium post on Monday, so I’m going to follow up with a few more posts on how we got the product out.  Here goes:

We had done some market research before we launched Alacra Pulse back in February, but without a […]

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Paul Graham on Publishing

Must read essay on Publishing by Paul Graham.  A few excerpts:

Economically, the print media are in the business of marking up paper. We can all imagine an old-style editor getting a scoop and saying “this will sell a lot of papers!” Cross out that final S and you’re describing their business […]

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Newspapers are Over

Why doesn’t everyone get this? A recent post on BuzzMachine, Jeff Jarvis’ blog, is titled The Real Sin: Not Running Businesses.  Possible reasons why newspapers are sunk: not innovating, not charging, inaction, tying online to print.  Jeff explores the concept that perhaps newspapers are sinking because for the longest time they weren’t run […]

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Interesting Articles in Corporate Board Member Magazine

Since Corporate Board Member is an Alacra content partner I get a copy of their magazine and I flip through every issue.  This quarter there were a number of interesting pieces:

Securities Analysts? Fuggedaboutem summarizes some recent research that says an “about-face” by a securities analyst has little short-term impact on a stock’s price.