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The Ten Things You Need to Read about Vendor Risk Management and the Risks Arising From Third-Party Business Relationships

Financial institutions around the world are subject to an increasingly rigorous regulatory framework.  While much of the overwhelming regulatory environment is a result of the financial crisis, another set of regulations emanate from concerns about corruption.  These sets of regulations are driving banks to have a greater understanding of all their third-party relationships, both to […]

The Missing Mandates

The LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee ( has, as of November 18, more than 50 members representing over 30 countries.  Most of the committee members represent the central bank or another regulatory body in their respective jurisdictions.  What continues to surprise and confuse market participants, though, is that to date only two regulatory bodies […]

Bitcoin Emergence Prompts FinCEN to Issue Guidance on Virtual Currencies

As Bitcoin gains recognition as a legitimate currency in the world of digital transactions, FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) has issued guidance on the regulations that apply to administrators and exchangers of virtual currencies that will test AML and KYC programs.

Swings in the market value of Bitcoins – tied to limited circulation […]

Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions

Alacra has announced the release of “Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions,” a white paper which answers the question most frequently asked of Alacra during compliance workflow discussions, “What are other banks doing to meet these challenges?” Read more… Download White Paper

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LEI READINESS: Instant Integration With Alacra Concordance

While implementation of the LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) for financial market participants is still several months away, and benefits from the LEI may not be seen until 2013 or later, Alacra believes that the LEI will become an essential and integral part of every financial institution’s reference data operation. Alacra is preparing for the release […]