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Best Practices in KYC for Financial Institutions

This is the first in a series on best practices for Know Your Customer workflows.

Alacra has been delivering Compliance Workflow solutions to financial institutions since 2005. Our sales and implementation process usually involves many client meetings. As we work out the configuration with the client, the question we are often asked is, […]

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Jim Cramer: It’s The Year of the Deal. People Just Don’t Recognize It.

Earlier this year I posted 10 Forecasts for M&A Activity.  Like the past few years, most people willing to forecast thought the outlook for an increase in M&A activity was excellent and gave the same list of reasons:

1)      Huge cash piles on acquirers’ balance sheets.

2)      Low interest rates which can only move higher.

3)      […]

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Content Provider Profile: Canadean

Timroyston-webb Canadean
Canadean, the […]

Moody’s Fourth Annual Tuition Survey

The Alacra Store is an extreme long-tail ecommerce business.  There are close to 100 million business information SKUs – research reports, earnings call transcripts, credit reports, news stories – from about 50 publishers available on the Store.  Only rarely does a single report sell more than a dozen times; when it does it’s usually […]

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10 Forecasts for 2013 M&A Activity

Robust M&A activity can help a lot of businesses in New York and Alacra is one of them.  So, at the beginning of every year I make a habit of reading a bunch of projections for the coming year.  The past few years have been slow; the forecast for 2013 is mixed.  One would think […]

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The Alacra Authority File

For several years Alacra has been playing in both the reference data arena with our Concordance services and in the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) / anti-money laundering (AML) arena with Alacra Compliance.  We’ve been talking to customers about how these two worlds were going to converge, especially in light of the regulatory and […]

The Periodic Table of Bank Regulation & Compliance

“I can’t keep track of all these financial regulations!”  PeriodictableWe had heard that more times than we could count so we whipped together The Periodic Table of Bank Regulation […]

Everyone’s Bullish on M&A – Again

If you read the financial press and the occasional trade journal, the recurring theme this month is bullishness on M&A activity. The more deals the better for Alacra, so these predictions are certainly well received, but we’ve been hearing this for the past couple of years. Companies have plenty of cash, rates are low and […]

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Two New Executives Lead Growth of Alacra Risk Products

The recent hire of two key new executives charged with leading the continued growth of Alacra’s regulatory compliance and reference data management services.

Driving changes to the way financial services firms handle client, prospect and counterparty data are regulatory mandates around Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, operational and credit risk assessments. Further, there is a […]

Alacra Premium for Deal Due Diligence

Party For a few days last month, I was transported back to the go-go M&A days of 2006. 

An analyst from a boutique consulting firm called the office and needed help with a large, time-sensitive research project.  She […]

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