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The Ten Things You Need to Read about Vendor Risk Management and the Risks Arising From Third-Party Business Relationships

Financial institutions around the world are subject to an increasingly rigorous regulatory framework.  While much of the overwhelming regulatory environment is a result of the financial crisis, another set of regulations emanate from concerns about corruption.  These sets of regulations are driving banks to have a greater understanding of all their third-party relationships, both to […]

Upcoming Changes to KYC Beneficial Ownership Regulatory Requirements – A Primer


Perhaps the most difficult task a financial institution must undertake when onboarding a new customer or counterparty is collecting beneficial ownership information. The regulations vary by jurisdiction, are in some cases unclear, and the client or counterparty is often unwilling to provide the requisite information with […]

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Alacra Welcomes Our First CAMS Certified Project Manager

This summer our project management team gained a new credential: CAMS certification! As we work with more and more KYC  teams, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to the compliance world as well as deepen our ability to deliver for our clients.

AnneW2Longtime Alacra project manager, Anne […]

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Update to the Periodic Table of Bank Regulation and Compliance!

It has been over a year since we launched the Periodic Table of Bank Regulations and Compliance, our attempt to catalog and summarize the key AML/KYC rules from around the world. Financial regulations continue to morph and increase in the US, UK, and EU as well as parts of Asia. Our Compliance Team compiled […]

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Alacra Compliance Enterprise Receives Positive Review from FreePint

Latest third party review validates Alacra’s investment in a flexible onboarding platform

New York – August 1, 2013: – Alacra, Inc., a leading provider of business information solutions for financial institutions and professional service firms is delighted to announce the latest third party review of Alacra Compliance Enterprise from FreePint, a provider of content industry news […]

FATCA – What Are Your Peers Doing About It?

Over the past year, Alacra has hosted several informal peer-to-peer FATCA events in London. Banks from the City joined  us to discuss and learn about different approaches to FATCA. The Alacra Compliance Team has also met directly with many of our clients and prospects to understand their plans and requirements for addressing FATCA. […]

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Alacra Compliance Remediation Calculator Helps Compliance Professionals

New calculator shows compliance executives the true costs and savings of compliance remediation projects.

July 11, 2013 – New York: Alacra, Inc., a leading provider of business information solutions for financial institutions and professional service firms announces the release of the new Alacra Compliance Remediation Calculator. The new Calculator is designed […]

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Alacra Releases the Periodic Table of FATCA Acronyms

June 12, 2013 – New York: Alacra, Inc., a leading provider of business information solutions for financial institutions and professional service firms announced the release of “The Periodic Table of FATCA Acronyms.”

“With all the talk about getting ready for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), we thought it might help everyone if […]

The Periodic Table of FATCA Acronyms

Confusion still abounds about FATCA terms

Increasingly, Alacra Compliance Enterprise customers and prospects are asking us to facilitate the inclusion of FATCA client classification information in their onboarding […]

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CICI Self-Registration Data Requires Cleaning and Vetting

We responded to a number of calls following our post last week highlighting the challenges faced by the CICI Utility with regard to self-registration. One call came from a senior executive of the DTCC, who carefully explained that many of the data issues we highlighted were the result of business rules being applied to […]