Google LogoAlacra today announced the deployment of Google Search Appliances as the technology behind the Alacra Compliance Web. 

Compliance Web The Alacra Compliance Web is a vertical search engine used by financial institutions to accelerate the account vetting process.  The Alacra Compliance Web is an integral part of Alacra Compliance, which helps financial institutions employ a consistent and documented process for Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence efforts to meet Patriot Act, BSA and FSA regulations.

The Compliance Web is an index of more than 500 global regulatory organizations, hand-selected and classified by Alacra Content Analysts.  Alacra selected Google Search Appliances to leverage Google’s strengths in quality and ranking and multilingual capabilities. 

For a limited time, Alacra has made available a searchable free trial version of the Alacra Compliance Web.  To search the Alacra Compliance Web today, visit

Typical questions that an Alacra Compliance Web Search might answer:

  • Is Neoware listed on a U.S. stock exchange?
  • Is Segoes Securities allowed to conduct business in the Cayman Islands?
  • Has GLG Partners been the subject of any regulatory disciplinary actions?