Alacra has been integrating the pre-LEI data files from the endorsed pre-LOUs as the data has been published.  In response to customer demand we have been adding these entities to the Alacra Authority File, our reference database that previously contained only rated, regulated and listed companies globally.  Although there are many use cases for the Alacra Authority File, the most common are to facilitate entity identifier mapping and to identify low-risk clients and counterparties.

Surprisingly, very few of the entities that have been assigned a pre-LEI to date are rated, regulated or listed, so the Alacra Authority File has almost doubled in size from over 200,000 entities to just fewer than 400,000 entities.  There are a number of reasons for this but perhaps the most important is the large number of funds, trusts and SPVs that have registered for an LEI.

Our next few posts will analyze the data from the four largest LOUs based on the number of pre-LEIs assigned: the GMEI utility, formerly the CICI utility, which is run by the DTCC and SWIFT and is assigning GMEIs; WM Datenservice, which assigns General Entity Identifiers or GEIs; INSEE, the French pre-LOU which is assigning LEIs; and the London Stock Exchange which is assigning IEIs. Our goal is to provide some high level information about what types of entities have been assigned a pre-LEI and what we know about them.  The data presented in these posts is as of February 24, 2014. We have dropped the “pre” from pre-LEI and pre-LOU and refer to them as LEIs and LOUs.

Overlap between Alacra Authority File and LEI Universe01-LRR-LEI_venn-diagram

Listed, Regulated, Rated universe=213,000
Total LEI universe=190,000
Overlap between two universes=17,000

UPDATE: Download Inside the LEI, an Alacra Reference Data Alert