About the Database
Alacra offers the following databases from IBISWorld:
Company Research - Australia company profiles provide data on company details; directors and key personnel; balance sheet and profit & loss; (ANZSIC) industries of operation; shareholders and subsidiaries; auditors, bankers and solicitors; and twelve months of news abstracts.

Industry Research - comprehensive information on more than 700 US industries covering 4,000 individual product segments. They also provide global industry and industry risk rating reports covering Australia, the United Kingdom and China. IBISWorld data offers detailed analysis on growth trends, the competitive environment and key issues. Reports average 30 to 40 pages and contain figures; market characteristics; product, market and service segmentation; industry conditions, current and historical performance analysis; risk scores; industry participants and market share; factors to success; and 5-year forecasts with forecast analysis.

Risk Research - Reports detailing US industry risk ratings. Risk ratings determine how much risk an industry will face over the next 18 months by assessing the operating conditions for companies in the industry.

Company Profiles & Financials, Market Research

IBISWorld http://www.ibisworld.com/

About the Publisher
Since 1971 IBISWorld has provided thoroughly researched, accurate and current business information. Today, IBISWorld employs a team of dedicated expert analysts that researches economic, demographic and government data so you don’t have to. We provide your organization with valuable insight into America’s 700+ industries, so you can make better business decisions, faster.

IBISWorld’s unrivalled range of industry analysis is available online whenever you need it. Whether your company requires a better understanding of market conditions and forecasts; whether you need a clearer picture of a supply chain, or whether you need to keep abreast of competitor activity in your industry, IBISWorld’s comprehensive reports will keep you informed.

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