BvD Zephyr

About the Database
The Zephyr dataset includes information on M&A, IPO, private equity, venture capital, deals and rumours. Zephyr is extremely comprehensive and coverage is approaching a million deals. Approximately 75,000 deals and rumours, of all sizes, are added per year depending on levels of deal activity. Quality of information is paramount and a rigorous quality control process is applied. Source documentation is provided wherever possible and the dataset is updated hourly. All information is translated into English. The reports on Zephyr include company financials and peer reports sourced from Bureau van Dijk's company information products. Financials are available for private as well as listed companies. Zephyr has a few areas of specialist coverage including deals and acquisition opportunities in China, angel funding in Europe and coverage of private companies.

Deal Information

Bureau Van Dijk

About the Publisher

BvD's product range includes databases of company information and business intelligence for individual countries, regions and the world. Their global database, Orbis, combines information from around 100 sources and covers approximately 100 million companies. They are always looking to enhance our coverage and sourcing new IPs that can enrich existing coverage or help us increase our universe of companies.

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