The Alacra Authority File (AAF) is a database of 240,000+ entities containing counterparties that are common to many financial institutions. These entities are constantly monitored and updated to reflect current corporate events and can be delivered to a client on a daily basis.

The AAF includes any entity that meets one of these criteria:

  • Is rated by Moody’s, S&P, or Fitch
  • Has a listed security on a global exchange
  • Is regulated by one of over 50 global banking regulators
  • Has been assigned a pre-LEI by a sponsored Local Operating Unit (LOU)
  • Is the ultimate parent of any entity that meets the above criteria

From a KYC and CDD perspective, these entities are often classified as low-risk. Alacra tracks material changes to these entities that could affect their assigned risk status and provides daily updates to clients. Alacra also tracks corporate events such as mergers, acquisitions, de-listing and regulatory changes which are included in the daily feed, or are available through Alacra’s Counterparty Intelligence Application (CIA). A comprehensive entity identifier map is included in the Alacra Authority File.