Onboarding to Ongoing

Alacra Compliance Enterprise (also known as “ACE”) helps financial institutions around the world reduce the burden of regulatory compliance by streamlining the KYC, CIP, CDD, EDD, and credit investigations process. ACE also helps firms around the world reduce regulatory, financial, legal, and reputational risk.

Alacra Compliance Enterprise is a modular workflow application, designed to deploy in a short period of time to help you realize efficiency gains. Our clients have experienced upwards of an 88% increase in analyst productivity and a 40% reduction in error rates. Alacra is able to quickly configure the information sources and tasks required to address each client’s regulatory and risk requirements, resulting in reduced time to market, increased operational oversight, and shorter investigation timelines.

From Onboarding to Ongoing, Alacra Compliance helps you manage your team and streamline your process.

Your Return on Investment

Investment Banks
Accelerate your due diligence like this leading investment bank with 40% increase in capacity and $1.85MM in savings.*

Commercial Banks
How a top 3 commercial bank automated rescreenings for a $1MM savings and 150% increase in daily capacity.*

Universal Banks
How a top 4 US Bank tripled monthly investigation capacity and saved over $6MM.*

* Client results. Your experience may differ.

How ACE works

Top Sources of Reference Data

Modular and Configurable

Depending on your needs, ACE can include additional modules and datasets.

  • System to System to connect multiple silos to the worklow.
  • Four Eye Review Tool to ensure at least 2 people are checking work for reduced errors and lower risk.
  • Business Rules Engine to embed your company’s additional processes into the system.

Alacra Authority File

The Alacra Authority File helps clients identify low-risk entities as part of the onboarding process. The Authority File contains reference data on over 250,000 global entities that are listed, regulated or rated and common clients and counterparties of most large financial institutions. Knowing if an entity is regulated by an approved bank regulator can reduce the tasks and time necessary to onboard it. Alacra monitors this universe of entities on a daily basis and can alert you to changes in status – name changes, address and domicile changes and listing and regulatory status changes.